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Palestinians — young and old — celebrate an indefinite ceasefire in Gaza. 26 August 2014.

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Because I fear that many AsAms today are forgetting our history of solidarity with black lives and black power.  

We must not forget. 

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i woke up like dis

everyone is focusing on how cute blue’s dancing is but tbh jay-z’s face when he notices her is my favourite part

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Anonymous asked: can you recommend any asian artists? thanks



yeah!! i’m gonna take a minute to make this post bc there def are some asian artists that i admire

kelsey tahara!!, my old friend! // illustration, paint // usa // instagram


jess x. chen // illustration , poetry, filmmaking // usa // tumblr


vivian a new friend! // photography // usa // tumblr // website


lee lai // illustration, comics // aus // tumblr


(me! rosi vo // lettering // usa // work)


im in the car rn so i cant do anything more involved but i thought of two more! julaya-antolin (photography) & lescreamingtrees (filmography)

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Yogurt-Soda = day made #tasteofchildhood

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I hope everyone remembers Hillary Clinton’s passionate defense of Israel’s war crimes and total silence on Ferguson when she’s running for president in two years.

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Armed demonstrators march through South Dallas to protest police shootings

Two dozen protesters from a gun club named after the founder of the Black Panther Party marched through the streets of South Dallas on Wednesday.

The open-carry rally was organized by the Huey P. Newton Gun Club to promote self-defense and community policing in response to recent police shootings.

“We think that all black people have the right to self defense and self determination,” said Huey Freeman, an organizer. “We believe that we can police ourselves and bring security to our own communities.”

Police monitored the black-clad demonstrators, some of whom had rifles slung over their shoulders. As they walked down MLK Boulevard, many chanted “black power” and “justice for Michael Brown,” the black teenager shot by police in suburban St. Louis.

At one point, the group stopped at Elaine’s Kitchen, and one of the organizers told those who were armed to display their weapons in a “safe, disciplined manner.”

Freeman said they planned to patronize several South Dallas businesses to keep their money in the community and teach their neighbors about their “right to self-defense.”

The march came to a peaceful end about 90 minutes after it began at a car wash at Malcolm X Boulevard and Marburg Street.

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Members of the Asian American community at UC Davis are taking a stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson and their continued struggle for survival in the face of police brutality. All black lives matter.